Tuesday 2 December 2014

Puerto Madryn

This morning as we approached the entrance to the Golfo Nuevo with the Valdez peninsula to the north, we were treated to numerous whale sightings.  All were Southern Right Whales and females with calves, as this is where the whales come to mate and breed.  We had a couple pass within a 10 meters of the ship.  They don't seem to see or react to the ship....a problem as the ship can't maneuver around them. Our whale experts (we actually have two on board) haven't been very complementary about the intelligence of most toothed whales (Orcas excluded).  We also saw Comerson's and dusky dolphins. And some penguins for good measure.  Unfortunately I got no good photos of the whales and was busy helping organize the events for tomorrow.  They have managed to organize several nice excursions for tomorrow.  I will be going out to the Valdez Peninsula and Mom is off to see penguins!

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