Monday 8 December 2014

December 8, Couverville Island

Today was Gentoo day! We sailed from Halfmoon overnight and anchored just off the island to the faint whiff of penguin poo...About 5000 pairs of gentoos make the island their home.  I gave a talk in the morning about the volcanoes of Antarctica, but most of the day was spent being a penguin highway guard - unfortunately the videos are too big to upload!   It was an easier landing - there was little wind and no swell, There was still lots of snow around, but people seemed to make out much better today in their multiple layers of clothes, hiking poles, etc. In fact I didn't have to lend out my poles at all today!  The Gentoo were mating but there were a few eggs around as well as the ever present skua circling, watching for a penguin parent to  let up its guard.  The skuas were also mating.

Tonight was "cavier-on-ice" afternoon. The staff was out on the pool deck in parkas (along with everyone eles!) in the snow servring cavier, shimp, lobster and other goodies!  

Largely Filipino staff experiencing snow - many for the first time!


Lots of variety of rocks along the beach. 

Cuverville with iceberg that required the ship to re-position.

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