Friday 12 December 2014

December 11 Neko Harbour

After Cape Renard (our farthest point south), we steamed north again to Neko Harbor. The weather had been clearing since yesterday afternoon, so when we anchored off Neko the sun was shining! We garbed as for previous days. Once on shore we were soon shedding layers! Lots of ships crew came ashore and they headed straight for the sliding hill! 

After getting underway, since the weather was so beautiful we spent a couple of hours on the front deck looking for whale. Expedition staff are in yellow - only a few hardy passengers, but note one person in the hot tub!

searching for whales.

Snow Sheathbills hitching a rid - they are very tame and behave a bit like chickens.

The Gerlach strait killer whale pod B1. We saw about 25 animals. 

At the beginning of the day we were at Neko (can't seem to get the photos in order...).

Skua re-stealing a penguin egg.

View from the high point.

Quest from the Gentoo rookery.

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