Sunday 14 December 2014

December 14 Ushuaia, Beagle Channel and O'Brien Canal (AKA Glacier alley)

After our rough crossing of the Drake, by late evening we could feel the swell lessening and the brutal crashing against the hull diminished.  This morning, several outer rails were found to be loosened and some light fixtures had become dislodged.  Fortunately there was no other damage and people had a good nights sleep.  Staff looked incredibly relieved this morning and ready to start the clean up.  There were three other ships in harbour, some planned some not. Ushuaia had actually been closed for two days due to the storm, so if we had been on our original schedule we would not have been able to dock.  The Corinthian and Silver Sea were in dock. The Corinthian had had a technical problem and had to cancel an Antarctica trip and the Silver Sea was held due to weather.  There was another ship anchored, but I didn't get the name.

The clearing after the storm was wonderful. We were treated to some spectacular views from Ushuaia - I don't think I have ever experienced it so clear and warm!  Mom went on a catamaran trip down the Beagle Channel and I joined five guests on a two hour horseback ride.  The ride wound through the Southern Beech forest. Called the Lenga, the tree shares its roots not with the beeches of North America, but rather with a group of species found primarily in New Zealand and Australia, dating back from the era of the Gondwana Supercontinent (~200 million years ago).  The ride ended on a beach along the Beagle Channel, of course named after the ship the "Beagle" that carried Charles Darwin on his voyages  throughout South America.

We got away from Ushuaia at 1:30, making the O'Brien Canal around 4:30. Conditions were still perfect for wonderful views of the glaciers.  Luqui and I provided commentary from the bridge, as we sailed past the glaciers.

Entrance to the O'Brien Canal from the Beagle Channel.

Glaciers are named after countries.  This is Holland Glacier.

This one is Italia.

Sail boat in front of Italia.

Expedition Leader, Robin West and the Captain in the Bridge.



Romanian glacier.

Head on shot of the Romania glacier.

Ushuaia from the dock. The Quest on the left and the silver sea on the right.

Mounting up!

View back towards Ushaia.

Riding along the beach.

The Beagle channel and horse.


  1. Except for the Drake waves things are lookin' good. Nice touch with the Xmas tree.
    Ushuaia looks nice - Any port in a storm! Must be some volcanoes around?