Friday 12 December 2014

December 12 King George Island Arctowski Station

During the night we said north along the South Shetland Island passing Deception Island.  Because of the storm in the Drake, Robin decided we would have a better chance of landing by going farther north.  We arrived at Admiralty inlet just off the Polish base just after 7 and were soon off on the zodiacs at 8. This is an Adelie penguin rookery, but in fact all three penguins varieties nest here.  

Adelie penguins (with chicks), looking as cold as we were feeling!

We had about 30 knot winds, so everyone was bundled up compared with yesterday. Even the Penguins seemed cold!

The beach was littered with whale bones. These are from Blue whales, butchered here about 100 years ago.

This is Sean - with part of a Blue Whale scull.

The point is a series of plagioclase rich mafic flows. 

Shrine at the front of the small shelter visible in the photograph below.

View of the landing site from the Penguin colony. The Polish base is out of the view to the left.

During the visit, a humpback and calf were spotted close to the ship. Many people saw them from the ship and a few from the zodiacs.  We headed over to have a look with whale specialist Sean, but unfortunately they had disappeared by the time we got there.

Wet, fast ride searching for whales!

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