Friday 12 December 2014

December 10 Cape Renard

Well time to catch-up on my blog!  We are now in the Drake - but more about that later!  This was the day for Cape Renard.  We anchored off the cape in the fog, snow  and wind - somewhere above the ship were the two massive rock towers also affectionately named "Una tits" after some well endowed lady!  There was swell and wind and cold....the plan was for a zodiac tour, but we seriously wondered if there would be any takers - especially for the 8 AM departures.

After shoveling out the zodiacs that had accumulated a few cm of snow while waiting for the first guests, we loaded up and were off in the fog/snow! Cape Renard and Hidden Bay behind it, was full of ice bergs and the guests reveled in working our way around the ice, looking for seal, penguins and whales.  Wildlife wasn't abundant but a few penguins put on a display of porpoising around the boat and an elephant seal came along. We even had a couple of Minke whales at one point. What was interesting for me being out in the zodiac all day, was how the bay changed during the day. One particularly interesting iceberg was only seen on the first trip for example.  We finished the day in broken sunshine and finally got a view of the towers!

The towers..... in the fog and snow!

After not seeing the towers all day, we were finally treated to a good view!

Elephant seal.

Removing snow! Note fog in the background!

Unusual iceberg, only seen in the first tour.

Zodiac driver, Matt and one of the spectacular cliffs behind.

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