Tuesday 16 December 2014

December 16 Its about food....

Here we are in the Fjords of Chile. Unfortunately the weather is really bad and the outer decks are closed because the wind is blowing at 55 knots and higher.  We have been doing lectures, but there are fewer people coming out to them as people shut off and switch to other things (like bridge, eating, dance lessons, trivia games, and more eating, etc.) -  there is still a lot of interest in the charts as people do seem to like to know where they are and where they are going.  I gave my last lecture of this cruise this morning on the observations of Darwin on earthquakes.

The special event today was "galley lunch". The food stations were set up in the galley so it was an opportunity to see behind the scenes. It is actually amazing how large the kitchen is.

Italian Ice pilot Giovanni and Canadian John Ford (toothed whale expert) at breakfast.

Sean, our other whale expert (baleen whales) at the charts for the morning session with passengers - note our "table" and geological maps.

Galley lunch also included amazing displays of food!

Desert were awesome - not chocolate sculpture!

Vegetable display.

Kitchen sculpture!

whole baked salmon and chef!

Andy (aka Andres, part of the expedition staff) enjoying sushi. Andy is a chef and has his own restaurant. Driving zodiacs is the fun side of his life! 

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