Monday 15 December 2014

December 15 Punta Arenas

Today we sailed into the bay off Punta Arenas, to see the Holland America "Zeedam" anchored in the bay.  Seabourn and Holland America are owned by the same people.  The sun was shining in the morning and I must admit it was nice to see trees on the slopes of the hills.  Mom and I headed into town for a couple of hours to check things out - at least until the rain and wind started up!  

The afternoon was spent catching up on some work, but I did decide to go to the concert tonight. They have some wonderful entertainers on-board.  They have a pianist who plays in the observation lounge in the afternoons who is wonderful. She doesn't seem to mind when we spread the charts out on top of the grand piano and carry on conversations while she play.  Yesterday as we sailed through "glacier alley" I was in the lounge later than usual and it turns out she sings. She has a wonderful voice and it was fun to listen to her jazz tunes as we sailed through the scenery.

Tonight I decide to take in the performance of the flautist, Suzanne Godfrey. She is from London and  came on board in Ushuaia.  She is also a wonderful performer. The other surprise a couple of days ago is the band that is on-board. After coming back from Ushuaia, I walked through the outside patio/swimming area and there was an amazing band playing. It turns out they have been with us all the time, but usually play at night, so this was the first time I saw them.

Statue of Magellan in the square.

Buying a shawl for my collection. This is the lady that knit it.

Dilapidated old pier - but covered with seabirds. The Quest and Zeedam anchored in the background.

We will be at sea the next two days, making our way north. The captain announced this afternoon that because we have made good time, we will be able to make our stop in Puerto Monte before heading to Valparaiso, but will be missing Chiloea.  As a repeat visitor to Puerto Monte, I have actually never been to Chiloe, so was hoping that we would put in there. Oh well... there is always the next cruise!

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  1. I will show the food pics to Mati when he is here, Cathie :-)
    Looks like such a great trip on every level!
    XO Shelley