Tuesday 9 December 2014

December 9 Waterboat Point

Today we had a landing as well as sail through Neameya channel. The landing was at the Chilean base Gonzalez Videla. They were very hospitable.  Welcoming everyone with some pisco! It was great for us staff as we had access to a bathroom during the stop over!  The base was built in the 1950s. This was  low point in penguin stocks in Antarctica, but they have recovered significantly and have made the base their home - hopefully the people posted there learn to like the smell of penguin poo!  In the afternoon was sailed through the channel with its spectacular scenery. There didn't seem to be too many whales around though, but we did see a sailing ship!. But we only saw two minke whales.

Chilian base, Gonzales Videla on Waterboat Point

Gentoo and snowy sheath bills abound on the base.

Pat and Rosemarie and other photographers take pictures of the ship while we were in the channel.

very cool! The tall ship off in the distance.

Getting closer with the dramatic backdrop of Jurassic volcanic rocks.

And there she is! 

Some of the team - left to right Andres, Iggy, me, Chris, Luque, John Fonseca with seven sisters mountain range in the background.

Seven Sisters.

Glacial erratic at the base.

nesting gentoos.

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