Friday 5 December 2014

Post dinner update

I haven't said much about the food - other than it is GOOD! So good in fact that it could be a problem.... every night there is a new theme.  Tonight's theme is Tuscany! Boy do I know Tuscany (and miss it terribly).  The staff really did do justice to thier theme. The food was really excellent and paired with two Tuscan wines.  There was even a carving of the prosciutto!

Guests were greeted with this lovely patriotic display!

The head of food services was carving the prosciutto

Mom contemplating the options - not sure how "Tuscan" the pineapples are - but they looked good!

At the end of dinner, mom and I passed another bar area that has ship-board made ice cream and sorbet.  Tonight they had cassis sorbet.  The waiter insisted that I have it with champagne poured on top..... how can one refuse???

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