Wednesday 17 December 2014

December 17 Its all about food.....

Now that the penguins and glaciers are behind us the emphasis has been on food! Tomorrow is the final gala with the captain. We get to parade around the Grand Salon, then off to dinner and a special show "Like a Rock", as much as I would like to think, I don't think I was the inspiration as tonight's show is called "Rock the Boat".  Oh well, I have still inspired a lot of people to collect rocks and bring them to me for identification. Unfortunately that is a challenge - Jack Souther always used to look at these pebbles in disgust say "gravel" and throw them away!

We are entering the Gulf of Corcovado, but despite the best effort of "the whale guys", John and Sean we haven't seen any Blue Whales.  They think they may still be farther out to sea and haven't migrated down this far yet.  Despite being out on the decks and in the observation lounge you can tell that the mind of the people has switched from what is happening on board ship to what they are going to do when they disembark.  Most of the conversations are about flights, etc.  Tomorrow is the Captain's Farewell dinner and we get to parade around the Grand Salon with the officers.  Tomorrow's performance is called "Like a Rock" I would like to think that I inspired the them, but I think not, however, I have people collecting rocks and thinking about landscapes!

Mom enjoying her lamb chops!

Soup being poured. 

Observation lounge with information and people waiting to be fed afternoon tea!

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  1. Your Mom is so beautiful - and such a lovely trip together! Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2015