Wednesday 24 December 2014

December 24 - Christmas Eve - Living in a small space

Since leaving Castro yesterday we have been heading southward. The swell has been fairly large (~3 meters), but more sedate than on the northward journey.

Maria and I have spent the last few days sorting out our living quarters and organizing things. Glenn sent some high powered magnets down with Maria, and we have been making good use of them.  We have also figured out how to make the space work for us!

Maria's "cabin" (note drying paintings!) 

Maria has been sketching around the ship and on shore - here she is set up in our cabin to paint!

The reason you see Maria all bundled up is that we keep our room cool (shall we say cold??) We are preparing ourselves for Antarctica!

Note the progress since the last photo!

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  1. Looks very nice and cozy! And cold is good...better for sleeping!