Monday 1 December 2014

On the way to Puerto Madryn

Well today has been an interesting one.  The temperatures have been getting steadily cooler as we head south making a B-line for the Falklands.  The sky was clear blue, but the waves large.  Lunch on the lovely deck was a brisk affair, but soon the seas started to calm and then (without the white caps) it became ideal for whale watching! And whales were seen by the dozens.  The most common was the Southern Right Whale, but also some fin whales were spotted and some large spots on the horizon that may have been sperm whales.  Among the whales a few dolphins were seen along with fur seals.  Everyone was having a lovely time until the start of the first lecture on - guess what whales!  At the beginning of the talk the captain came on the loudspeaker.  The room became silent as he announced that we were not going to the Falklands, but in fact were going to have to turn to the Argentine coast due to a electrical failure that had happened in the night.  Puerto Madryn is our next stop!  Please are disappointed not to get to visit Stanley, but must concerned that this not impact getting to Antarctica.  It seems unlikely that it will, but we will have to overnight in Puerto Madryn where the part and technician will met us by noon on the 3rd.

I have added a few pictures to the earlier logs - and do check out the tracker.  There is a bog attached to the tracker written by one of us each day with photographs! Enjoy!
Southern Right Whale

the great jacket exchange - expedition team getting ready.

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  1. How wonderful to see all the whales...great timing for them to show up during the lecture about them... :-)