Tuesday 6 January 2015

January 6 - Drygalski Fjord and SE coast of South Georgia

Today we made landfall in South Georgia in the early hours of the morning.  The wind was gusting to 50 knots so we could not do the planned zodiac cruise at Cooper Bay. Instead the ship headed into Drygalski fjord where it was nice and sheltered and we had beautiful views of the glaciers and peaks.  It is interesting seeing green vegetation again!  There are no trees, but there are a few vascular plants including tussock grass close to the shore.  We passed a king penguin rookery and were accompanied by a few swimming penguins as well as fur seals.
I provided commentary from the bridge as we cruised through the Fjord.

Views of the peaks around the fjord with large glaciers, caving to the ocean.

More peaks and glaciers!

Banded gneiss making up the remnant of Gondwana land.

After cruising the fjord, we headed back to Cooper Bay to see if the wind had died down – it has not, in fact it seemed to be fiercer not less! The decision was made to try to see if we operate at Gold Harbour, so off we headed up the coast.  We arrived at a beautiful bay with high peaks and glaciers, but lots of swell.  We made an abortive attempt to get zodiac on tour, but the swell was very severe so it was not safe for the guests.  After dressing up and standing around for a couple of hours, Robin finally called the whole thing off. That was our last attempt as we had run out of time and options, so we then continued to sail to Grytviken where we will anchor for the night and then go ashore in the morning.  

Bedded turbidites 140 - 170 Ma above Gold Harbour.

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