Monday 12 January 2015

January 10 - 11 - 12 - nearing Montevideo

Well the weather on the decks has taken a remarkable change - it is now hot and humid! The transformation from South Georgia to here is amazing. Did I mention the 78 knot winds we had in South Georgia?? That is 144 km/hr!!  Or over 10 on the Beaufort scale!  The night we were in Grytviken the ship was leaning at a strange angle and lots of banging around. Several of the other members of the team actually got up to see what was going on as the lean was unusual. Anyway, the ships crew struggled to keep the ship in place through several hours of these incredible winds.  The next morning it was one of the nicest days they have had in Grytviken in several weeks!  We have been so lucky with the weather!!

Days at sea are a bit more relaxed, but several lectures are given each day by members of the team, as well as deck duty looking for birds and whales. But no rocks!

Maria has had a workshop and then a champagne reception in the past two days. She is getting a wonderful response to her paintings and has sold several.  Today though is pack-up day as we get ready to disembark tomorrow morning and head to the airport.

Maria explaining with enthusiasm at her workshop!

About 22 people showed up to the workshop!

The last time for parkas (Jan. 10) at the grill - now it is time for bathing suits!

The display of Maria's work at her "meet and greet"

January 11 was the "Galley Lunch" this is where food is served in the galley along with an amazing display of culinary art.

Maria and the chocolate penguin - not sure if it was actually eaten or not!

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