Thursday 15 January 2015

January 13 - 14 - 15 - Home!

Yesterday I arrived home. It was a long flight, but smooth and uneventful -the best kind!  The company arranged transportation for the four of us who were leaving (another left later in the day), and we drove through the rain soaked streets of Buenos Aries. The day was hot, but with torrential rain. It was good having buddies at the airport, as we watched each other's luggage while taking strolls around to pass the time until we could check in. I was the only one going Air Canada (5:30
PM); Maria was on an American Flight at 11 PM, but had Peter to wait with for most of the rest of the time after I was airborne.  She had finished the book "Gone Girl" on the way down, so I read it on the way back. It helped pass the time away and is definitely worth a read! It has just been released as a motion picture, so that will be on the agenda sometime in the near future.

It was hot in Santiago where we had a short stop, but the landing in Toronto in Wednesday morning reminded me it was winter in Canada! It was snow covered across the prairies, and the Rockies, but closer to home the hills were looking pretty bare. Low fog hung in the valley, but it was bright sunshine above. Fortunately the flog cleared and the afternoon was a sunny one - in Burnaby at least.  Today there was an amazing sunrise just behind Mt. Baker. The mountain cast an shadow on the vivid orange-red sky, then it started raining.  - Hopefully some of the rain is falling as snow on the ski hills and I can get my gear out (something that all the snow in Antarctica made me miss!).

This will be my last post in this series - thanks for following along and may you have happy travels in your future!

Sunrise behind Mt. Baker with its long shadow on the sky (from our apartment in Burnaby).

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