Friday 2 January 2015

January 2 - Yankee Harbour

Is it possible to be two days into 2015?

We cruised slowly through the night and were off our landing site of Yankee Harbour by 6 AM. It is a lovely bay ringed by glaciers with a dramatic cliff exposing the eroded roots of a large shield volcano above a prominent moraine where the penguins nest.  I gave a presentation on glaciers on glaciers, ice bergs and sea ice this morning, so only spent the afternoon out in the site.  There were chicks only a few days to hours old! There were really very cute.

Note two sets of baby chicks - likely only a day or two old.

More chicks!

The Gentoos were nesting on a long moraine that had a few seals hauled out on it.

Juvenile crab-eater seal.

Molting juvenile elephant seals.
Behind the penguins was a dramatic cliff of lava flows cut with dykes.

Landing area on the large moraine shows cliff, but by dykes.

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