Tuesday 6 January 2015

January 4 - Scotia Sea

The seas have been very calm, but this morning we awoke to lines of ice stretching almost as far as you could see to the south of the ship.  This is sea ice spreading out of the Weddell Sea – along with the ice bergs. We were so lucky to have relatively calm waters, but during the time we were going through the edge of the ice the stabilizers were drawn in, and we were doing a lot of zigzagging, so it was a bit of a bumpy ride.

Sea ice as far as the eye could see.

Marie continues to paint and has sold several painting.  She had a small workshop in the observation deck that attracted over 20 people interested in sketching.  They were all keen for more workshops!

Maria leading the workshop with flourish!

Some of the many people who came out to participate.
You can check out what Maria has been painting on her web page.

Exploring the World through Art

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