Thursday 25 December 2014

December 25 - Christmas Afternoon

We had an early morning start - the Captain thought it would be nice for the guests to have a white Christmas by seeing Brujo Glacier.  The glacier come from the Southern Patagonian icefield.  The expanse of ice is second only to the Canadian/Alaska Kluane/Wrangle field. The Patagonia icefield covers 16,800 km.  It and Kluane are the largest icefields outside of the polar regions.

Brujo Glacier

The Glacier from 1.5 nautical miles.  I provided commentary from the bridge.  Despite being 7:30 Christmas morning quite a few guests came out (of course having a loudspeaker booming throughout the ship might have woken a few people up.....)

I then was off to give a lecture and introduced by Santa and his elves! How fitting is that!
Note new Santa helper!

After lunch Maria and I took time to open our gifts. Thank you Santa!

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